The Tennessee Association of Drug Court Professionals is a professional association established to further the concept of Drug Court Programs in the State of Tennessee.

T.A.D.C.P. is a 501-(c)-3 not-for-profit organization which provides support and networking opportunities for members from across the state, updating members on pending state and federal legislation that may impact drug courts.

Mission Statement

The Tennessee Association of Drug Court Professionals works to promote public safety, strengthen communities, and reduce recidivism related to substance abuse through education, advocating the establishment and funding of drug courts, disseminating information and providing technical assistance and mutual support to association members.

Organizational Structure

The association is governed by a board elected by and from membership rolls. Elections are held annually although members serve terms of 1, 2, or 3 years.
The association has formed working committees that work year-round and report via committee chairperson at quarterly board meetings.

The committees include:
Legislative, Nominating, Finance and Budget, Education and Training, Strategic Planning, Public-Relations, Membership, and Newsletter.


1) To protect the funding and infrastructure already established by law for the purpose of promoting drug court programs and ensuring quality control standards.

2) To monitor proposed legislation that would affect records and work to have the TADCP opinions heard on the issues.

3) To promote legislative changes that might benefit more strengthened drug courts.

4) To promote ways in which additional revenue sources might be identified for drug court operations.

5) Identifying advocates who work for the benefit of drug court programs into Tennessee.